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Monday-Thursday, 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Please call (405) 879-3399 or email to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nixon.

Dr. Nixon does not specialize in nor treat Psychotic Disorders, Chemical Dependence/Substance Abuse Disorders, and does not provide disability evaluations nor psychiatric services for court/legal purposes. Dr. Nixon will refer a patient to a more appropriate provider if these types of evaluations or paperwork are requested and needed. 



In order to increase time providing quality patient care and reduce billing confusion, The Nixon Clinic has opted out of insurance networks, Medicaid/Soonercare, and Medicare.  Payment in full is required at the time services are rendered.  We will provide you with a detailed invoice and any necessary information that your insurance company may require for you to submit a reimbursement claim. 


Effective October 1- Rates are as follows:

Initial Assessment and Evaluation: $400 ($100 deposit required to schedule)

Medication management and psychotherapy/psychoeducation, 50 minutes: $275

Medication management and psychotherapy/psychoeducation, 20 minutes: $175

For any further questions, please call our office.


If you are a medical or mental health professional, and would like to refer a patient to The Nixon Clinic, please complete the referral form below, and email to









Dr. Nixon is also available for presentations and seminars on a variety of mental health-related topics geared towards parents, educators, or other medical or mental health professionals.  If you would like to discuss scheduling a speaking arrangement, please email

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