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The Nixon Clinic

The Nixon Clinic was founded in 2014 to be the premier psychiatry practice in Oklahoma City for children, adolescents, and adults.  At the Nixon Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional care to our patients.  The confidentiality, discretion, and privacy of our patients is of utmost importance, and we are dedicated to providing a secure, caring, and healing environment in which to discuss delicate issues.  


Our goal is the optimum overall mental and physical well being of our patients.  In addition to medication management and psychotherapy, we provide education about dietary changes, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and complementary medicine practices.  We happily work with other health providers to address the important health connections between body and mind.  In addition to primary care doctors, other medical specialists, and psychotherapists, we also provide recommendations for nutritionists, personal trainers, yoga studios, spas, and acupuncturists in the area.  We believe our patients’ mental and physical health is a collaborative effort.


At The Nixon Clinic, we strive to provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment.  We examine biological factors, such as genetics, medical conditions, or medications or substances that may be causing or contributing to a person’s mental health or illness.  In addition, we look into psychological factors, such as early attachment and bonding with caregivers, thought patterns for conceptualizing the world around us, defense mechanisms, and personality styles.  We examine patients’ social spheres; that is, their current living situation, family, friends, education or work, as well as past experiences, such as traumas or losses.  Finally, we discuss the role of spirituality with our patients.  We believe wellness consists of health in all of these areas and support our patients in their core values, goals, and beliefs.


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